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7 Safety Week KPIs

How to measure the effectiveness of your safety week?

What gets measured gets managed.” AndWhat gets measured gets improved.”

What do these quotes mean?

You can't get better if you don't know what areas you need to improve. Similarly for safety week if you don’t know what to measure how will you improve. Here is the list of 7 KPI’s to measure safety week success and identify improvements.

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1. Year on Year Indicators

Get your indicator data for the past five years and evaluate the trend on safety week investment vs returns you got. The analysis will set the expectation for this year.

2. Safety Suggestion

If you are running an employee safety suggestion drive look at the qualitative and quantitative suggestion for implementing feasibility score.

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3. Employee Engagement

Get the employee engagement score and compare it with last year data to know the trend for safety week.

4. Pre Activity Participation

Calculate the percentage of participation for each activity in each category to know the level of participation vs the total strength.

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5. Training Effectiveness

Evaluate the skill gained by participant from the training program conducted during the safety week.

6. Mock Drill Duration

Evaluating the time duration to execute the mock drill and compare it with past data.

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7. Post Event Survey

Post safety week event survey will help you in evaluating the overall return on investment of the event highlighting how effective the event was planned and executed by the team.

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