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Learn and have fun !!

Did you ever think of upgrading your skill for growth? Or wondered what you needed to know? With ECLIDE Skill-Up! you will learn all of that through various different business cases.

You’ll start by playing small content to identify the root causes. Then grow by deploying a risk reduction strategy, execution plan, implementation road map, and much more!

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With ECLIDE contest you will:

  • Learn how to identify what went wrong?

  • Use various investigation techniques to identify the root cause

  • Develop a Risk Reduction Strategy to prevent future incidents.

  • Get downloadable templets to use for your skill development

  • Talk to instructor, mentor, and coach

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Easy to Play

Each skill-up contest has a business game to learn from. Start with case study and develop what went wrong.

Simple three step to play the contest - 1. Watch the case study - 2. Create your solution - 3. Compare what you did with standard solution.

Meet the team who gained knowledge through Skill-Up.

Join us and grow professionally.