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Course Design Methodology

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Instructor Based Learning

Instructor and microlearning is more than simply bite-sized training assets. Every course we offer is based on instructor and microlearning concept . These two-pillar makes us unique in our offering our courses for professional development.

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Incident Based Learning

Short  incident     videos are created as part of the     learning     process for the learner to understand the risk and to analyze what went wrong in simulation and gamification form.

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Risk Based Learning

The user learns the concept of risk reduction by applying the control measure to reduce the risk in simulation and gamification form for each hazard.


Course Gamification

The course offers various game-based learning in real-time to understand the concept in an easier way. Games are part of our everyday life and we love to take the challenges offered in it. A similar way every real case offered in the course is presented in a game format to identify what went wrong?

Some of the benefits are 

  • You retain what you learn for a long-time
  • Enhance your learning experience of the course
  • Improves knowledge absorption and retention.

Real Case Studies

Every course we offer has real case studies so that you connect with the real world 

when you go back to your work after completing the course.


Analytics Skills

Learn from your course instructor, mentor, and coach how to analyze the incident and develop a risk reduction strategy. Skill upgrade is essential when it comes to enhancing your career growth, this is what every course of our have to offer you. 

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Course Methodology

The course is designed based on two important outcomes that upgrade the skill of the learner. 

  • Incident-Based Learning

  • Risk Reduction Strategy 

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