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Gain knowledge from industry experts that you can apply at your workplace to improve safety performance. We bring some of the best topics which matters the most when it comes to improving the safety metrics. Don't miss the opportunity as they don't come very often, upgrade your knowledge by attending the webinar.  

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Safety Data Analytics - Register

Safety data and analysis research is directed at defining data needs, identifying or developing effective data collection methods and technologies, and developing analytical tools and processes to convert data into good decisions about how best to allocate safety resources. Learn some of the best techniques to analyse safety data.

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Contractor Safety

Acquire hands-on experience for managing the risk on construction projects and start applying. 

Obtain valuable managing risk skills and managing risk Certification with this highly practical advice and training.

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5 Whys Technique

Get hands-on experience on "How to use the 5 Whys techniques?" to identify the root cause.

The method is remarkably simple: when a incident occurs, you drill down to its  root cause  by asking " Why ?"  five  times

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Safety Culture

Learn about safety culture to achieving zero harm vision. Understand what matters the most for creating a positive safety culture by learning about safety culture principles, improvement areas, and how to build it.

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Learn the BBS important step on how to carry out behaviour observation and provide effective feedback for behaviour modification. 

Get practical tips on how to develop BBS checklist.

Defining Process Safety KPI's - Register

KPIs form the primary means of management feedback on the control of process safety risk and form part of the business assurance model for safe operations. Learn on how companies can develop a process safety KPI's and develop improvement strategy.

5 Way to Make HAZOP Effective - Register

Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) is a structured and systematic technique for. system examination and risk management. In particular, HAZOP is often used as a. technique for identifying potential hazards in a system and identifying operability problems. Learn 5 ways to make your HAZOP effective at your workplace.

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Experts to Learn from

Company team

Manoj Pawar, 

Manoj is practicing safety for the last 23 years. He  has worked with companies like L & T, Essel Power, Reliance Infra, and so on and was responsible for improving safety performance. While implementing a safety management system over the past so many years he has gathered rich experience on various topics and one of them is the safety audit . One of the best tools to improve safety performance is to identify the gaps in the existing system and work on continuous improvement. 

Company team

Rajendra K

Rajendra is practicing safety for the last 41 years. He has worked with companies like Nagarjuna Fertilisers & Chemicals, Rolls Royce Spectrum Power, Nagarjuna Construction, and so on and was responsible for improving safety performance. While implementing a safety management system over the past so many years he has gathered rich experience on various topics and one of them is the 5 Whys technique to identify the root cause
Company team

Dr. Amit Patil

Dr. Amit Patil an HSE professional with Ph.D. in Behaviour Safety & illustrated the international success of over 21 years, at strategic level assignments in Manufacturing, Power, Automation and Civil sector, with an esteemed organisation such as Honeywell International (India & ME), Cummins India Ltd, ThyssenKrupp, ABB Ltd, Brederoshaw Middle East, Kirloskar, Force Motors in India, Middle East & APAC.  

Company team

Sourabh Jambhulkar

Sourabh has 11 years of experience in construction safety. He has worked with organisations like TRIL, Tata Consulting Services, Shapoorji, and Pallonji, and other organisations. During my 11 years of work experience, I have gathered good knowledge on various topics with hands-on experience like safety audits, prepared JSA, safety inspection, safety survey, training, developing safety strategy, and contractor safety management.

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