Digital Transformation Strategy

Six steps that Safety Heads can take immediately to develop their digital transformation strategy

The opportunity can be used to
turn hard lesson learns during covid-19 for better workplace safety.

The past year has be challenging

In terms of digital transformation initiatives, there’s a lot of talk right now in terms of strategy and less emphasis on practical execution. Everyone wants to advise the CEO and the board, but these discussions often only take the conversation so far.

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How are you planning to bring the digital change?

So how should an organization think beyond the strategy and get to transformative execution and outcomes? It’s important to develop an approach that can span this divide between strategy and execution so that once the transformation objectives have been selected, there’s a clear path to a unified architectural approach for IT and subsequent agile execution.

Here are six steps for digital transformation that you can take to progress from innovative strategy development, to an architectural framework, to practical execution:

Step 1

Identify your transformation objective 

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Step 2

Study technology enablers in the market

Step 3

Envision the future platform for digital business

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Step 4

Master the digital services lifecycle

Step 5

Organise for digital business innovation

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Step 6

Execute an agile journey to the future platform

Finally, when taking the journey to this new platform, it’s important to bear in mind that we live in a hybrid IT world. Organizations need to take the journey to the future platform, while supporting and maintaining their existing applications and infrastructure. While some elements may be retired or modernized, other elements may need to co-exist and be integrated into the new platform.

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