Develop Workplace Resolution

How to develop workplace safety Resolution for the next year?

Year 2020 that changed everything

  • the way we live

  • the way we work

  • the way we do business and

  • the way we respond to uncertainties

How to plan safe workplace strategy?

So the question is how we develop a future strategy at a time when everything around us still seems to be uncertain.

Some areas to focus for workplace safety in the new year

Step 1 - Data Trends

Look back on the past years data trends

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Odoo • Image and Text

Step 2 - Review

Review company health and safety work process for digitalisation.

Step 3 - Ask Question

Asking questions opens the line of communication between the worker and the management.
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Step 4 - Inspect

Inspect personal safety equipment and gears as they are the life savers.

Step 5 - Distraction

Acknowledge distraction and throw them away.
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Step 6 - Learn

Learn from the gap identified on how to respond in an emergency.

Step 7 - Invest

Invest in competency building of your workforce for new challenges.

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Every new year we as individual make resolutions, and this year we will see two prominent resolutions

  • One - To improve health and safety of self and family.

  • Second - Promising commitment to spend more time with family.

    This year we want you to make the third resolution, If you find yourself belonging to the majority who don’t make resolutions concerning workplace safety, then why not make this year the time to start making them?

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